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Bankside Farms Restaurant & Bar

Currently our restaurant is only doing to-go orders for dinner from 5pm-8mp and closed for breakfast in lieu of COVID-19. 

We are proud to tout our delectable on-site restaurant, Bankside Farms Kitchen & Bar, which opened in early 2020. The restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner, with many delicious epicurean delights. Fresh, local ingredients are the star of the American inspired menu. Innovative salads, charcuterie, small plates and main courses are complimented by our perfectly paired wine selections.  

Our goal is to continue the founder's legacy with our dedication to the local community, we remain environmentally friendly and source all local  and seasonal ingredients.


bankside farms kitchen and bar logo
tuna tar tar centered on a plate with bread and wine

Monday-Friday, 7am-10am; Saturday-Sunday, 7am-11am; Monday-Saturday, 5pm-10pm

To make reservations, please call (203) 557-8124 Ext. 2596